09 May 2011

old country food

S: Sometime soon, would you like to make some food from an old country that's connected to us?
T: Sure! That would be great! So, like sushi?
S: Um, well, no, we aren't from Japan.
T: I know that, but we used to eat sushi in Eugene. Oregon - that's our old country, right? Because we moved from there, where I was born, to here, where we never lived before.
S: Oh, I see. Well, an old country, like we've been reading about, means where the first immigrants came from. So in our family, from Papa and I, that would be Norway, Sweden, Germany, England, and such.
T: Oh... Okay. Still, maybe sushi sometime?


Paul Neave said...

Thank you for such creative sharing. I have anislandyear on my iPad home page so I will remember to check in regularly. Paul

an island year said...

It's fun to write these things down, so I'm happy that someone else is enjoying it too! thank you, paul!