03 July 2011

T quotes du jour

T: Actually, I DO know how to make a mummy. Ms. Frizzle book tells you how, right here. But you probably wouldn't want to do it.... 'Take the brain out,' so, you know, pretty gross.

T: We had to make a pretty good deal to help it so we could stay good friends with each other. The deal was that I had to stop tackling him and that he had to stop big pushing me. S: Well, okay, sounds like a good deal. Did it work? T: Well sure, because the other part of the deal was hug until we laughed.

T: It's okay, Mama, I'm not playing guns or bombs like are not okay. I'm just playing that the characters are dropping dynamite.

T: This. Is. NOT. A. Good. Day. I keep using up warnings, losing video time for the week, and you are not saying yes to ANYTHING that I want! S: That does sound like a hard day. So, can we switch it to a good day? T: Well, if we could just do that, don't you think I would have DONE it by now?!

T: I really wish there could be Shakespeare this year. S: Yeah, me too. But you have a lot of years to do acting, and I'm excited for when it works out. T: Yeah... but being on stage, you don't have to guess what to say or how to move. But everyday life, you have to figure all that out on your own.

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