30 June 2011

peacocks, no electricity, & dragon logging

T: Mama, rare means not often, not usually, right?
S: Yeah, pretty much. Something rare would be something hardly seen, not common at all.
T: Like a peacock, I would think. Or like animals escaping from a zoo - that's pretty rare. Or like... Mama, the thing with humans on the earth is that we make a lot of bad choices.
S: Oh?
T: We use so many animals and so many plants and water and things, and we take something all good -that would be the earth - and make it about 3/4 good. And then we take the 3/4 and make it, say, half good. And then after that, things get rare. Like gorillas. Like polar bears. Like people with totally no electricity. Like peacocks.
S: I don't know if peacocks are rare, but yes, humans have used a lot of the earth and not always made good choices about how and what we use. But, we can do a lot, even just us, to make good choices. And we can take the best care that we know how to of the tiny piece of earth that we live on.
T: Yes, like we could choose to live with totally no electricity.
S: Ummm, well I was thinking more like make fewer trips into the village and so use the car less, and be smart about how we garden, what we eat and where our food comes from, use less water.
T: And don't cut trees down in our woods. Mowing the grass is still fine. And cutting back the salal is fine, because otherwise it would cover all of the paths. But no cutting trees. Well, except the ones that I've been noticing hints of dragon wings knocking down.

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