09 June 2011

bringin' the recess on home

T: Sometimes two-square and four-square have not enough rules or too many rules for me, so I just don't play.
S: Is that because one group of kids might make more or fewer rules than another?
T: No, the rules are the same, but it all just depends on how I feel about two-square or four-square at the exact moment of that exact time.
S: So what do you play at recess when you decide it's too many or not enough rules for those games?
T: Pretty much everything. You know, swings, climbing, tag, chase, hunting for bigfoot... though I'm done with that one. Because after all year of not finding bigfoot, and, so, coming up with great trap ideas that we never got to use, we had to give up. But, then, we also didn't have the money to buy all the things we needed for our traps.
S: What kind of things would you need to buy?
T: Cages and ropes that can hold cages. (pause) Recess is a lot of fun, but I can run around inside, outside, play ball, and, you know, look for clues and search for all kinds of creatures from my treehouse, at home.

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