13 June 2011

pronoun invasion

T: Since I believe that God is both male and female, it's hard to know what word to use. God means male, and Goddess means female, and there's she and he. But 'they' doesn't work because I'm only talking about one god.
S: It's true that we don't have a word that is both male and female in the English language for this kind of situation.
T: Yeah, we need a new pronoun.
S: That would sure make things easier, but, hmmmm, how to come up with a new pronoun....
T: And how would we get the entire country to agree to add a new pronoun?
S: Yeah, how WOULD we do that?
T: Well, the first step would be pretty easy - family. I think our family would be willing to help. So if we got our family to agree to a new pronoun, the next step would be our friends and their families. Then all of their friends. But once we get past people we know, I think it would be rude to ask strangers to use a new word we made up.
S: Maybe we'd have to use larger ways to communicate - to get the new pronoun idea out there.
T: Oh! We could have Papa make a piece of paper about it, and then we could put up copies on all the bulletin boards on Lopez. And then maybe on your facebook thing you do. And maybe we could get our friend, Josh, to announce it on his radio show. And I could ask to talk to the school about it.

So, watch out, because there may be a pronoun invasion in the near, or distant, future. T has yet to come up with said new pronoun, but stay tuned...

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