20 June 2011

to egypt via dragon

T: Now that it's FINALLY summer break, can we learn about Ancient Egypt? When we aren't doing "wreck this journal," or playing outside, or when I'm not building, or reading hardy boys, or playing with friends, or all the other fun things, like swim class this week.

And so, T prepares for the journey. Packs his backpack with necessary travel supplies: books, binoculars, sketchpad, notepad, pencils & erasers, and of course a magic wand. Then we catch a ride on a friendly dragon, travel 16 hours, and arrive in Cairo in the morning.
Read, sketch, and search... T announces, "I'm going to focus on solving the mystery of Osiris' tomb and of the Rosetta stone, since we have that book." But, first, he scans the River Nile... 

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brittany said...

dude. Are we living the same life?